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From our home base in Durango, Colorado located in the heart of the beautiful San Juan Mountains we offer guided rock, ice and alpine climbing, backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering exclusively with AMGA Certified Instructors and Guides.  In addition we offer more instructional & educational programs than other outfit west of the Mississippi.  From AIARE avalanche courses and climbing instructor training to wilderness medical & rescue training we have an educational program for you.


  • Local’s choice!:  When you travel, who do you ask where the best restaurants, shops, and sites are?  The locals!  Anybody can call themselves the “local experts” just like any car manufacture can call themselves “the most dependable truck on the road.”  It’s entirely unquantifiable backed by nothing but air.  However when you ask the local San Juan Mountain residents who they choose to go ski and climb with, time and time again they will all say KMG!  There is a reason that more locals choose to backcountry ski, climb, take AIARE avalanche courses and wilderness medical courses from KMG than any other. Experience the KMG difference for yourself and see why they locals keep coming back!


  • Locally owned:  KMG is the only mountain and ski guide service in Durango.  KMG is the onlyDurnago based mountain and ski guide service in Durango where the sole owner also lives year round with his family in Durango.  Josh Kling, a Durango local for over a decade owns and operates KMG.  When you come on a trip or course with KMG, all the money is staying in the Durango and La Plata County area.  We are not owned by some holding company or business person from across the country!  Other “Durango local”  guide service owners don’t even live in La Plata country let alone Durango.  Travel globally but shop locally with Kling Mountain Guides!


  • Community:Involvement in the community is critical to Kling Mountain Guides. We realize that without a strong community to stand behind us, we would not exist! That’s why we work so closely with other organizations and small businesses in the Durango area. These include but are not limited to San Juan College, Fort Lewis College, and La Plata County Search and Rescue.


  • Training and Certification: All KMG Guides and Instructors are American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Certified Single Pitch Instructors or have higher levels of training.  The (AMGA) is dedicated to supporting the guiding community through excellence in education, standards and certification to enhance the quality of services provided to the public.  We are the SOLE DURANGO BASED GUIDE SERVICE that only hires AMGA trained and certified guides and instructors.  This means you can rest assured that the guide or instructor you get has gone through extensive training with the best organization in the industry.  All KMG guides have medical training which includes wilderness medical training and CPR.  Some are EMT’s, paramedics, RN’s.  All of our guides have completed training or certification from the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) specific to their discipline (rock, alpine, ski).  In addition to the AMGA,  KMG guides also train with American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE), the American Avalanche Association (AAA), Wilderness Medical Associates(WMA), Leave-No-Trace(LNT), and the Professional Ski Instructors of America(PSIA).  There is no other Durango based mountain guide service that upholds this high of a standard for their guides training. 


  • Creativity:  Don’t go with the ordinary, go with the extraordinary!  When other companies run out of ideas, they copy ours, LITERALLY!!!  Our trips and courses are not the typical ones found in guide books.  Adventure is not in the guide book and beauty is not on the map! Don’t choose to go to the mountains and deserts to just follow the standard routes. Come exploring with us! The routes we choose are not the typical ones with our own variations not found in guide books. This makes for a more remote experience and a guaranteed adventure!


  • Leave-No-Trace: At Kling Mountain Guides, our office is the mountains and desert. Both for work and for play we spend an immense amount of time there. Taking care of these places is extremely important to us. KMG is a Partner Guide Service with the Leave-No-Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Two of our guides are LNT Master Educators, the highest level of LNT training. Climbing and skiing are both great, but if there is nowhere beautiful to do those activities, than what’s the point!


  • Experience:  At KMG we pride ourselves that our guides work for a variety of different companies and outfitters. None of our guides only work for KMG.  This means that you will be getting a wealth experience from a multitude of companies and outfitters from around the globe!


  • Education Heavy: At Kling Mountain Guides, we value education as well as guiding.  In our commitment to outdoor education, KMG is a Vendor Member of the Association of Outdoor Education and Recreation.  If you want to hire somebody to just drag you up a hill, look elsewhere. If you want to go into the mountains, achieve your goals, have an amazing time and come back with more knowledge then when you left, you have come to the right place! At KMG we take education very seriously. Our guides and instructors don’t only work for KMG. Everybody on the KMG staff has a heavy involvement in other education institutions as well.