Silverton, Colorado

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The Silverton Theater Mine

(970) 387-8101| PO Box 411, Silverton CO 81433| Website
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What's a "Theatre Mine"?

From a poetic point of view, rather than a site for extracting resources, this "Mine" is an incubatory space within which theatrical ideas can be mined, dreamed, and brought forth. The Theatre Mine’s name also points to both the literal and figurative practices of openly curious investigations of who we are personally and collectively.

In The Theatre Mine we don’t just dig to find, we also dig just to dig. We do this digging with others, and this endeavoring is fun even if nothing gets found. But we do find things. And we build upon them, and they inspire us to dig further, and eventually we share and perform our findings. The Silverton Theater Mine is a container for this kind of creative, collaborative artistic activity on multiple levels.


Our Origin

The Silverton Theatre Mine (TSTM) was founded in May of 2017 amid the dark timbers above a favored waterfall just north of Silverton, Colorado. Theatre artists Daniel Sullivan and Matthew Vire, and Silverton artist Judy Graham gathered there to ponder possibilities about how they and other artists might work together to continue and further the work of friend and artistic collaborator Mollie Mook-Fiddler.

TSTM’s founding emerged in response to many questions about theatre and dreams and theatre-making. One particular question was paramount: how can we further the vision Mollie had shared for joyous, collaborative new works development in Silverton and beyond? After much digging into possibilities, the idea of a “theatre mine” was uncovered.

Extending Mollie’s ideas, The Silverton Theatre Mine intends to bring playwrights and theatre practitioners of all ways of theatre-making into collaboration, and to foster regional theatre collaboration. Through TSTM, artists will work in dynamic relationship with local children, youths, and adults, other theatre companies, and other arts organizations in Silverton and throughout the region to develop, create, and stage newly conceived or extant works.